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Games On Martin Luther King, Jr.

More Games On Martin Luther King, Jr.

This site was created by Susan Shuey Beasley. Prior to working for full time, I was a Technology Support Specialist at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and play this game click here- PLAY


Ben Franklin slider game

To move a tile into the empty space, click on the tile to be moved. You must click on one of the tiles adjacent to the empty square. Click the link below the puzzle to learn a basic strategy for solving slider play this game click here-PLAY

Benjamin Franklin


American Civil War Quiz

American Civil War Quiz is a web site for learning and having fun at the same time. Not possible? Think again. It all started while playing a famous trivia game with friends and family, realizing how little I knew about Geography. I wanted to get better at it, but couldn't achieve this by simply studying an play this game click here- PLAY

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